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Product design: designing everyday objects

Product design is a design activity applied to current and future objects, integrating ergonomic, functional, innovative and communicative solutions.

From electrical goods to cars, furnishings to packaging, household equipment to street furniture, product design has a role to play in all sectors of activity. The objects designed can be industrially manufactured, in large-scale series or individual limited editions.

Portrait de diplômée
Marie Weber
Marie Weber
2012 promotion
Société Marie Weber

Logo société Marie Weber
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Thomas Angioni & Adrien Louvry
Thomas Angioni
& Adrien Louvry
2012 promotion
Studio Louvry & Angioni
Logo Louvry Angioni
Our design studio has been operating for 5 years now, specialising in furniture and more broadly in housing. We imagine and design furniture, objects and lighting for large production companies (Cinna, Roche Bobois, Matière grise, and so on), ones that we particularly want to work with. Each project is designed by 2 people. After a period of decoding, we present a product or range that must capture the attention of the producer, in line with its image and customer base. Our next challenges? Produce furniture and objects ourselves! Become artistic directors, launch collaborations with other designers, create collections of durable objects that span eras and fashions.
Gilles Neveu
Gilles Neveu
2013 promotion
Studio Mathieu Lehanneur
Logo Mathieu Lehanneur
After working for 3 years with the designer Pierre Gonalons, I've now joined Mathieu Lehanneur's team. I work on very high-end furniture produced with the best artisans and showcased in the very best exhibitions, such as Villa Vigie in Monaco or the annual AD Intérieurs exhibition in Paris. The working process is simple: Mathieu has an idea or a drawing. We discuss it, I interpret and redesign it, then model the project in 3D. We then develop the project in collaboration with an artisan. My decision to work alongside recognised designers such as Pierre or Mathieu has meant that I’ve worked on some extraordinary projects, and I'm continually learning. Often stressful but always exciting!

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