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A member of Y SCHOOLS

Y SCHOOLS is an ecosystem of seven schools, from pre-undergraduate to postgraduate level, covering various areas of expertise: management, tourism, design, paramedical and social, innovation and entrepreneurship, three 2nd Chance Schools and a vocational training unit.

Paramedical and social
Innovation and entrepreneurship
Three 2nd Chance Schools
A vocational training unit

The strength of Y SCHOOLS lies in the fact that it brings together learners from different backgrounds, sectors and expertise, cross-disciplinary education, regions, cultures and nationalities.

By combining our strong founding principles that blend cross-disciplinarity, entrepreneurial innovation and societal and environmental responsibility, our aim is to support the major transformations and new challenges of the society of the future.

Our ecosystem is designed for innovation, with particular focus on the learner and the business world, involving all its schools and all its activities.

What are our goals?

Ambitions - Ecole Supérieur De Design Ambitions - Ecole Supérieur De Design
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By mixing skills and training, we will be better able to prepare our students for their future professional lives.
We have been experimenting with this approach for many years, through partnerships with foreign universities, management and engineering schools.

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