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Graphic design: giving meaning to the image

Graphic design is the design of graphical worlds combining images and texts via print media (brochures, commercial documentation, press, posters, etc.) or digital media (websites, mobile apps, displays, etc.).

Graphic designers graphically translate the message their client wishes to convey for brands, products, services, public authorities, events, etc. They produce communication media and their role is essential to effective communication.

Mathilde Erard 2016 promotion
Illustrator, Graphic designer
Alfred Hébert 2014 promotion
Illustrator, Graphic designer
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Jordan Beline
2014 promotion
Art Director & Head of Motion Design
I started with a graphic design placement 5 years ago and I’m now head of the motion design unit and Artistic Director. A large part of my work consists in ensuring that the artistic direction of the designs and content published is in line with the brand identity. I manage a team of 5 people and I work with various project managers, participate in briefs, analysis phases, etc.
As Konbini publishes its content on most social media platforms, we must be continually up to date to successfully produce relevant, effective content. It's a challenge that requires an objective view at all times, considerable attention to detail and sometimes patience.
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