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An international study exchange is compulsory during the second cycle. In our school, it is offered in the second semester of the 4th year of the course. Through the school's network, students can study for 4 to 6 months in one of our 23 partner universities.

This is an additional asset for their project and career, encouraging open-mindedness, new ways of learning, improving their languages and comparing new cultures. A six-month period in which they learn and experience design in another way, move out of their comfort zone and discover new horizons. The school uses the ECTS European credits system to validate the courses followed abroad.

Thomas Brousse
Thomas Brousse
Lapland University - Finlande
Finland was a bit of a choice to go to the unknown! Of course, it is also one of the cradles of design, and I was really able to see that it is an art of living and thinking on a daily basis among Finns. On the academic side, the approach is drastically different and leaves a lot of freedom, everything works on trust, and the university provides us with a lot of material and machines as well as a huge library. I went with Antonin and Enzo from my year and we lived in a shared flat, it was a really great experience on a human level. We learned to adapt to the climate, improved our English, discovered another way of looking at design, travelled a lot, and made great friendships. I would definitely do it again!

The school has been an associate member of the Cumulus association since 2014, and a member since June 2020.

This international association brings together 280 higher education establishments in art, design and media. It aims to promote exchanges and share good practices in the field of education and research.

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Accessible to students studying in Europe at one of the universities with an Erasmus+ contract. The grant is for the duration of the study exchange, from €180 to €370 per month, depending on the destination and the annual allowance.

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