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Funding & Grants

Higher education costs money, but this should not be an obstacle. As a certified establishment, recognised by the State, our school is authorised to accept grant-funded students.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of solutions to help you fund your studies.

Before departure:

List of Campus France grants

Check your eligibility for one of the grants listed by Campus France, depending on your area of study and country of origin:

Grants for student mobility

Erasmus +

Erasmus + studies: €180 to €370 / month for 3-12 months on a university exchange in Europe.

Erasmus + internship: €300 to €450 / month depending on the country, for 2-12 months for placements in Europe.

Details of assistance on

International mobility assistance in the Grand Est Region

For students up to 29 years old from the Region, going abroad to study or do an internship.

Study package: €500 for a minimum of 16 weeks;

Short placement package: €400 for 12 to 15 weeks;

Long placement package: €800 for a minimum of 16 weeks.

Grant-funded students can receive an additional grant of €200.

Students studying in a country bordering the Grand Est Region (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland) can receive an extra payment of €100.

Each student can only receive one of these packages once, during their course.

More info on

Accommodation assistance

This assistance is subject to eligibility.

For European students, and non-European students holding ‘Visa Etudiant CESEDA R311-3 6° VLS-TS’.

Information for application to CAF can be found at . Applications must be made in France, with the help of French students at the ‘Maison des Etudiants’, and submitted directly to CAF by the students.

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