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What kind of school are we?

The École Supérieure de Design de Troyes is a member of Y SCHOOLS, a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, has an EESPIG label (recognised by the State as a private higher education establishment of general interest) and belongs to the Cumulus network, a global association bringing together schools and institutions for education and research in art and design.

A complete curriculum

We offer a Postgraduate degree in Project Design, enabling the acquisition of solid creative and technical bases and skills that are put into practice in projects with a real purpose, in the areas of product design, space design and visual communication.

The second cycle of this degree programme, certified by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and accessible at postgraduate level, involves design management in companies. We also offer students intending to enter the visual communication sector a short Undergraduate Graphic design cycle, RNCP certified level 6. The certified qualification allows the holder to certify the skills, abilities and knowledge needed to perform a role or activity in a professional sector.

the program

The way we see it, design only exists when there is a global, cross-disciplinary approach. The students’ creative approach is enriched by multiple development paths. In the design market, where standing out and being different are crucial, we hope to give our students the ability to be adaptable. Once they’re working, they will have to collaborate with a variety of talents, develop projects and become operational in an agency, company or freelance, which is when the concepts of openness, multi-disciplinarity and cross-disciplinarity that we give them will take on their full meaning.

Design is a strategic analysis tool, which is where the real business challenge lies. Designers must be able to offer new scenarios to companies – and therefore to users – in line with the corporate identity. The company/designer confrontation can open up new fields of expression and innovation, and we introduce it in our teaching through exploratory research and projects conducted in close cooperation with our partner companies.

Séverine Nomdedeu
Director of the École Supérieure de Design de Troyes
12 years’ experience
+ 50 lecturers

L'école en quelques chiffres

526 qualifications
1 campus classified as a historical monument
2 RNCP qualifications
+ 20 collaborative projects/year
15 partner universities abroad
180 students

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13 boulevard Henri Barbusse
10000 Troyes
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